The digital way of food in the world

The first step is important to start a chain of events which lead to a experience to the endconsumer. This chain of event is important and we have partners in Europe to make it happen for you as a producer.

We believe that products like fish and meat also need to be a good experience for the endconsumer. If you have a story to tell about your product this will add value and you will have more return on your investment. Not only cash but also a feeling of ownership and proudness to be the producer. You deserve respect and you as a producer of food needs feedback to stay close to the endconsumer.

The global foodmarket makes that there is no room for traders. There is only a producer and a selling point. This creates different ways of working together. A good partnership between Retail & Producer makes that both can earn money and a satisfied customer.

ECC works with the latest blockchain technology and can make your product not only transparant and trustworthy, but it can also make it stand out.

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