You need a partner to get you in the European market. My product is good, but how does a German think? What does it take to get in and sell my products. Questions where we can give you the answer. We will give you honoust feedback about chances and opportunitees. We are not consultants who give advice and paid by hour. But we work on no cure no pay. If we work together, we work together and we commit to the goals set.

What market you want to hit?

To be succesfull you need to know who you are and you need to know your market. We are there to get insight in your usp and also get feedback from the market what is your position and how you can create the best concepts for the market. Buyers want to know what's in it for them. Do you know your customer?


ECC GmbH can scan your market. Not only by numbers, but can get

 in touch with your potential customer. Ask them wat they think and need. This is real information and not numbers which often is outdated. You need to understand your customers and if there is a good chance for marketdevelopment we will help you.


You can only analize things which are already there, but you need to be the next thing. There is no need in analyzing, when the market is                  changing within the hour. Our way is talking to the customer, because only they know.

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ECC GmbH your partner in the European food market